Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix

The 3D optical-illusion attraction at Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix makes it possible for you to become a part of the art. This museum has 30 paintings and optical illusions to delight you. The experience is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. The museum is located at OdySea in the Desert. You can learn more about the attraction here.

Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix

To get an idea of the kind of effects you can expect, you can try to take selfies at Surprise Your Eyes. There are 30 different paintings and tricks in the museum, so be sure to bring a camera. The artwork is designed to make people think that they are actually looking into a photo, so they can share it on social media. For more information, check out the website below. If you are interested in seeing more images of the attraction, you can sign up for their email newsletter.

The Arizona Boardwalk has a new attraction called Surprise Your Eyes. It is a 3-D photo art museum that allows visitors to step into a world of illusion and share their creations on social media. The installation features over 30 paintings and optical illusions, and is the perfect place to take a photo of yourself and your friends. The museum also features Talking Stick Optical Illusions that can make you look like a total fool.

The Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix attraction was originally scheduled to open on May 18, but construction delays pushed it back four weeks. According to ABC15’s Josh Frigerio and Greg Charbeneau, the attraction’s general manager Surprise Your Eyes is still open and in its initial stages. With a capacity of 2,000 people, it is a great place for a family outing in the city. Enjoy a day of fun and creativity at the same time.

For an amazing and unusual experience, visit Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix. This photo-art museum is a popular destination for families and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. The new attraction is located near Loop 101 and Via de Ventura. It’s not open every day, but it is open for business every day of the week and is open to the public. You’ll have an opportunity to experience an incredible illusion at the Arizona Boardwalk.

The new attraction is located near the Arizona Boardwalk. It’s a great place for families. The 3D optical illusions will make you laugh while you explore the museum. You can also snap a photo of the illusions on your way to your next date. And you won’t regret your trip! If you’re an Instagram enthusiast, this is the place for you. The museum features 30 different paintings and optical illusions.

For people who love to snap photos, Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix is a must-see destination. Guests can take a selfie with the art-inspired backdrops and share the results with friends on social media. Its location near the Loop 101 and Via de Ventura allows visitors to experience the attraction in a unique way. There are plenty of art installations throughout the area, including many in Phoenix. The museum is open year-round, and the artwork is a perfect destination for a day out.

There are a variety of attractions in Phoenix. The new 3-D optical illusion museum at Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix is a must-see destination for everyone. If you’re a fan of Instagram, you will enjoy Snapping photos of yourself in the photo booths at the exhibit. In addition to these, you’ll also find some interesting photos to post to social media. The art works at Surprise Your Eyes Phoenix are inspired by a variety of different cultures, including Chinatown, Egypt, and India.

This 3D optical illusion museum features 30 different paintings and optical illusions and is perfect for Instagrammers. The gallery is located near Loop 101 and Via de Ventura. The experience will last for about half an hour. In Phoenix, the attraction will be open until November 17. However, a few construction delays have caused the attraction to be delayed for several weeks. Luckily, the new art museum is now open and will be open for the public to visit.

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